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About Us

About Us

Team Dynamics

We are a company founded by and comprised of boat enthusiasts. Our combined experience and talented tradesmen are our most valuable assets. We believe in honesty, integrity and hard work. These principles have helped us flourish from a small hobby business to the ever-growing company we are today.


Mike Evenhouse has always had a love for the water. Based out of Chicago, Mike’s family spent their summer months vacationing in Holland, Michigan at their vacation home on the shores of Lake Michigan. Mike quickly turned to water sports for entertainment where he developed a passion for jet skiing, scuba diving and boating. 


As time passed, Mike was finally able to afford his own boat, a 1989 Power Play XLT185 which he aptly named “White Knuckles” due to its 80 plus mile per hour top speed. From swapping and tuning motors to repairing fiberglass, Mike learned a lot about boats and enjoyed every minute of it. Over a decade later Mike had worked his way from a grunt to Vice President of a major construction company when an opportunity presented itself. A brand new 29’ Tiara had caught fire in New York, destroying the entire cabin. Although severely damaged, the boat was brand new, including the motors. As a side project, Mike and a partner decided to start a company to buy and restore the boat. One project led to another and soon Mike’s hobby business started to grow and Mike Evenhouse Yacht Restoration (MEYR) was born.

One thing became apparent to Mike as his operation developed, finding vendors and subcontractors to do quality work in a timely matter was nearly impossible. He realized that in order to have control over timelines and craftsmanship he would have to hire his own tradesmen, which is exactly what he did. Soon word spread that there was a quality boat shop in town that had the means to handle anything from mechanical work to fiberglass repair and more. Word-of-mouth referrals proved to be the company’s biggest ally as the company grew exponentially over the next several years. As time went on, Mike’s involvement in the company increased to the point where he decided to quit his career of over 20 years to focus on MEYR full-time. Since then the company has continued to flourish, boasting a brand new 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art storage facility with a 100-ton capacity hydraulic boat lift and a ramp to the shores of Lake Macatawa.

As the company continues to grow, one thing remains the same. Quality and customer service are paramount. With combined experience, talent and our valuable tradesmen, we believe in doing the job right with more than exceptional quality the first time. Some say that the two happiest days of boat ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. We are here to prove that otherwise. With proper care and maintenance through MEYR, we’re confident we can get you back on the water and every day with your boat can be better than the last.